5 Sustainable Ideas To Implement In Your Office

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5 Sustainable Ideas To Implement In Your Office

With lives getting complex and our lifestyles are interwoven in fast-paced activities, we often fail to realize how the smallest of our practices can affect the environment. Every chewing gum we spit or chocolate wrapper we discard is adding to the environmental waste of our city. As most of us are leading busy lives, we most often find no time to ponder upon our actions but it’s imperative that we do. In fact, small changes within our everyday life at work and home can create a wave of positive, eco-friendly practices.

These are some of the simplest ways of incorporating sustainability into your work life:

1. Let go of plastic items

A simple trick to reduce your plastic usage on a daily basis is simply by swapping it with glassware or stainless steel tiffins. This can help you keep your food fresh for longer and can be reused easily. In fact, bid goodbye to your usual plastic water bottles and welcome copper, glass or metal bottles. They are not just reusable but are healthier for regular use too!

2. Turn it off

Turn off your engine when you are at a long signal. An idling engine can produce up to twice as many exhaust emissions as an engine in motion. This can easily help you save fuel, money and reduce pollution at an individual level. Not just that, carpooling is an excellent way to save fuel. When you team up with a few other colleagues who live in your apartment and share the same route to work, pitch in and pool to work!

3. Cotton Handy

Keep a bunch of cloth bags in your car at all times. This will enable you to stay ahead of time and prepped for any kind of situation. Be it grocery shopping or any other emergency, cotton bags can be super handy! You can always take them home, give it a wash and restock once dried.

4. The matter of metal

Using plastic straws for drinking juices and other beverages is very common but did you know, about 500 million plastic straws are used and thrown each day in India? All of the waste created by it can be single-handedly reduced by switching to metal straws. Carry a couple of metal drinking straws with you and savour your liquids without any guilt!

5. Stay rooted

Spruce up your workplace by adding a green touch to it! Select a few indoor plants such as snake plant, spider plant, peace lily and others and place them on your desk and around the office. It is sure to add a breath of freshness to the area and purify the air around you naturally.

Another simple technique that can make a great deal of difference to the society is by educating and preaching others in your office on how they can join on this sustainable journey. When more helping hands reach out and work towards a cumulative goal, the journey becomes all the more interesting!

When you live at Urban Forest, located so close to the Hope Farm Junction at Whitefield, you automatically stay close to various IT companies and tech parks where you can implement these ideas. Apart from that, the culture within Urban Forest is what motivates people to go beyond the usual to live an eco-friendly life.

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