Hustle at home; A few mindful tips for working at a home office

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Hustle at home; A few mindful tips for working at a home office

Working from home is now becoming a routine for many. In fact, everyone wishes they get an opportunity to work from home at some point in time. Although it is a hard thing to pull off, working from home, when done right, can prove to be more efficient than working from an office. The idea of having a home office is not very new to us. Even though working from your couch, bed or living room sounds pleasing; it could take a huge toll on your productivity. That’s why a well thought out, designed and ideally furnished home office can make you perform your best.

Here are a few tips for you to be at your top productivity at your home office,

Keep up to schedules

It’s easy to lose your schedules and keep track of your deadlines when you’re working at a home office. Be frugal with your relaxation time. Identify what needs to get done, schedule every hour for something, and make sure to get it done. Procrastination is not a good companion especially while you’re working at a home office.

Dress like you’re at work

Even though working in your casualwear is one of the perks of working from home; getting up, showering and dressing up for your home office has proven to make people faster and more productive. Getting dressed and having allotted working hours makes the home office feel like a real office, for you and for others in your house as well.

Stay in the loop

One of the major benefits of working in an office is the socialisation and collaboration. Make sure you are not completely losing out on this as networking is really important in all lines of work. Try to check in with your coworkers at least a couple of times per week, whether by email, phone, Skype, or even in person. Share your progress with your boss or your teammates regularly and encourage them to do the same.

Keep your work office a no-entry zone

Unless you have clients or prospects over, it is best that you keep your home office to yourself. Instruct the maids or house support to avoid entering the room, try cleaning the space yourself. It will help you get more accustomed to the room. Make sure your family members are also on the same page about the office being a no-entry zone, especially when you are working or on a call in there. You will be taking yourself much more seriously.

Make a ‘control room’ out of it

Look at your kid taking complete control of his spaceship from the couch he is sitting at. That’s the kind of excitement you should be setting your home office with. Keep things handy and clean. Invest in wireless, hassle-free devices and ergonomics that keep you comfortable, fast and sharp. Make sure you are able to handle most activities in your line of work from the office itself. Making your home office a cool place to be it makes you work more efficiently and increases productivity. So don’t compromise!

Enjoy the flexibility and the disruptions

Last but not least; working from home can be a very soothing and wholesome experience. But just like everything else, it comes with its own pros and cons. You will have to take it easy on yourself sometimes. Is your focus wavering too much? Cut yourself some slack and take a quick bike ride to refresh your mind. Enjoy flexibility. Working from home can also prove to be hard sometimes, considering the distractions and disruptions you might face all throughout the day. There are some things you just can’t help and there is nothing useful about brooding over them.

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