Staying healthy: How to beat diabetes with a healthy lifestyle

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Staying healthy: How to beat diabetes with a healthy lifestyle

November 14th is ‘World Diabetes Day’. While diabetes is common doesn’t mean it isn’t deadly. The disease affects people of all ages, diabetes is a growing concern for people all over the world. India, alone houses over 60 million people who have been diagnosed with the disease. It is known a lifestyle disease due to the impact it has on the way people live their lives and vice versa. Unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol can all cause this disease which could last a lifetime. Managing the disease requires controlling these factors to keep your blood sugar levels well within a healthy range. But these factors are similar to living a healthy lifestyle and can help keep other diseases and illnesses at bay as well.

But where you live and what you do could greatly affect how you manage the disease. People from all walks of life are managing the disease through an active lifestyle, diets, exercise and more. Living among calming surroundings, especially trees can help lower stress levels and even curb the disease.

Healthy Eating:

Creating a diet plan with the right food, in the right amount and with right combination could be challenging at the start. Awareness is the key here. It is important to know how different kinds of food affect your blood sugar levels. The focus should be on eating only as much as the body requires. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains should be a large part of your diet. Switch to non-fat dairy products and lean meats. It’s important to keep a check on your fat, sugar and carb intake as well. Pay extra attention to the types of carbohydrates that you eat. Make sure every meal you eat is a healthy mix of vegetables, fruits, starches, proteins and some healthy fats too.

As you move towards eating healthier, it will also make a great deal of a difference if you start reading labels and finding out what exactly you are consuming and if your body will be able to take it. When stepping out of the house, carry your own snacks with you to avoid choosing an unhealthy snack due to convenience. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day to remain hydrated.

Regular Exercise:

Maintaining a healthy weight and regularly engaging in a decent amount of physical activity can significantly help control diabetes and while minimising the negative health consequences. It does not have to be strenuous workout like cross-training or heavy weight lifting. Enrol in your apartment’s gym or use the facilities like walking paths, meditation areas. It also helps if you have a community of motivated friends who will accompany you. It’s a great way to remain active and can be done in your own home. Many communities come with built-in gyms, walking/jogging paths and even meditation centres to encourage these healthy lifestyles.

Cut down on the alcohol and cut off the smoking:

Fluctuations in blood sugar levels are often seen in diabetics who consume alcohol. For this reason, if you choose to drink, do check your blood sugar first and find out ways to avoid low blood sugar levels. Drink smartly and use the right mixers, which are low in carbs. Over and above having numerous effects on our health, smoking can also increase the chances of getting all the illnesses and conditions that you’ve been trying to reduce the risk of by controlling your diabetes. Moreover, smoking will also make it harder for you to exercise. So, kick the butt today.

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