Teaching your child about sustainability

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Teaching your child about sustainability

Children are the future. Well, teaching them about sustainability is a way to ensure that the future they have is pleasant and beautiful! But talking to kids about these relatively difficult subjects and making them sound interesting to them is, ironically, not a child’s play. However, the lessons of sustainability can be taught through activities. We can make sure the process of learning sustainability for conserving nature to be engaging, informative and long-lasting in their minds. Let’s read through 4 cool activities that have the power to engage your child in the concept of sustainability.

Grow plants with your Child.

Make your child a part of your green venture. While space is a huge constraint, it shouldn’t stop you from encouraging your child to explore the joys of gardening. Set up a small kitchen garden or designate some space in your balcony to grow various plants. You could start a small, a couple of hardy plants from the local nursery or even grow simple garden essentials like Fenugreek (methi), Coriander (dhaniya). This is one of the best ways to introduce sustainability. Once they experience that feeling of contentment when they bring a seed to life, it is easy to teach them ways to nurture and conserve them.

2. Make the 3Rs mottos of their life.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

This should be the mantra of an modern home. We seem to accumulate plastic by the kilo every single day. Our garbage cans are overflowing with packaging material which can easily be recycled through the right channels. While old school ‘Kabadi walas’ may have become a thing of the past; there are quite a few rules regarding segregating your waste. Encourage your kids into using the right bins. In fact, make a game out of it. Encourage the kids to turn off the lights and fans after use. Kids are more receptive to activities than to long lectures about conservation and sustainability.

Reusing old clothes, containers, tyres, newspaper, etc. can be done at home. Also, reusing old items for arts and crafts can not only bring a sense of sustainability but can also help in fostering the creativity in a child.

Recycling will become an easy step if you teach your children to sort their waste first. Coloured bins can be used for this. Food and decomposable waste can then be used for composting whereas non-decomposable waste can be given away for recycling.

3. Organize a clean-up game

Take your children for a clean-up venture at the nearest park or ground. Make it a game by rewarding the kids for the number of plastic bottles they pick up or for the time they spent per area. Include more family members and friends to make the entire clean-up game much more fun and interesting. Meanwhile, also educate them on how important it is to keep a litter-free environment, not just for now but for the future also.

4. Let them play with nature.

Let your child breathe fresh air. Outdoor games not only help children in building healthy bodies but also help them to build a healthy relationship with nature. According to studies, 60 minutes of unstructured play on a daily basis is necessary for the betterment of the physical and mental health of children.

Above all, it is preferred for a parent to act than to speak. Children tend to follow their parents’ mannerisms than to listen and do as said. Moreover, sustainability can be a hard-to-swallow pill for young children. So, always keep in mind to be your child’s role model. Parents are the people children look up to. Never let your kids lose hope in you nor in nature. Be a strong advisor for nature and sustainability and pass the legacy onto the next generation.

At Alembic Real Estate, our goal is to create a healthy and happy environment at each of our property that is built on the idea of greenery and love for nature.

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