A Checklist of Buying Your Ideal Home When You Relocate to Bengaluru

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A Checklist of Buying Your Ideal Home When You Relocate to Bengaluru

Moving to a new city certainly brings a great deal of anxiety and anticipation with it! A new place, with new possibilities and of course new aspirations. And this is further heightened if your relocation is long-term and you are looking at investing in a new home. Investing in a home at any stage in life is a big decision for every family, especially, for the young ones. And there are several factors one must consider before finalizing the choice of home.

A small checklist is given below that covers some of the major aspects.

  • Location: For any real estate decision, the holy trinity of decision making must and should center around - location, location, location. This triple emphasis is to underscore the importance of this feature because it will come to define your entire lifestyle for the duration of your ownership & dwelling. Pick a location that is convenient, well-connected and consistent with your daily needs.
  • Amenities: A home is a place to rest & retire at the end of a hard-working day. However, lack of basic amenities can only add to your burden & stress. Given that you understand your own lifestyle better than others, you ought to make a checklist of amenities that are most important to you and identify which ones your prospective homes offers!
  • Finances: Once the location & amenities are agreed upon, it is vital to consider the financial aspect of your purchase. How will you fund the purchase and how long will the impact last? Would you need a home loan? Will your savings suffice? And how long will the EMIs weigh on your finances? All important factors, and all of them need careful attention & consideration.
  • Civic Factors: Availability of water, sewage & gas pipelines; road connectivity, pavement and other factors - civic infrastructure in most urban cities can surprise many of us. And therefore it is best you well-acquaint yourself with what is available, what is expected to be available and when!
While, these are broad guidelines in most cases, if you are able to check-off every item on this checklist you would have made a sound & well-informed decision. Of course, for each individual & family there will be factors unique to each one and these must be individually looked at and considered.

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