Urban Homes - A Quintessential Connector for Work Life Balance

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Urban Homes - A Quintessential Connector for Work Life Balance

One thing that our modern, urban lifestyle sorely lacks is the semblance of balance in almost every sphere and activity. We're often going from one extreme to another. Excessive stress, long distances, extremely unhealthy food, and of course the complete lack of work-life balance. It is not a choice that we often make but a compulsion that we grin & bear for the lack of better choices.

At least until now, we had to!

Rapid growth of our cities, lack of amenities and inconvenient locations often made work-life balance almost impossible. Workplaces located in one part of town, schools on another and everyday essentials strewn in-between. Add to the increasing stress & workloads meant that balance was not just hard to attain, it was downright elusive.

Modern urban living spaces like the Alembic Urban Forest, however, cater to every single aspect of modern lifestyle and ensure that every little requirement is thought through and taken care of! Take for instance the strategic location of the property - which ensures that none of the places of every commute - schools, hospitals, IT Parks, banks etc., are located too far away for your comfort.

A very vital aspect of work-life balance is to be able to de-stress once someone ensconced in the comfort of home. Alembic Urban Forest keeps you close to nature with lush green surroundings & wide-open spaces that allow you the most natural setting to relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself on an everyday basis.

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