An Urban Forest in the Concrete Jungle

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An Urban Forest in the Concrete Jungle

Whitefield in Bengaluru is synonymous as a sprawling IT hub in Bengaluru at its best but is also notorious for being a concrete jungle with a high population & traffic density. It is a vibrant and young community but also known to be jam-packed with malls, shopping hubs and of course IT Parks. There is so much happening in and around Whitefield that it is easy to lose yourself in the cacophony.

And thus, it is entirely plausible, especially with escalated property prices, that Whitefield looks an increasingly cluttered space. There are several advantages of living in Whitefield but also one wonders if they will have a space they can truly call private, and definitely call home.

The perfect answer to this dilemma is Alembic Urban Forest.

And we'd trust that the subtle difference between the words, 'jungle' and 'forest' is not lost on you. Natural, serene, secluded - some of the inherent values you will find in the Urban Forest. Here are five simple reasons enclosed that ought to inspire you to make the Urban Forest your personal shelter in Whitefield

  • Nature & Greenery: Lush green environs that allow you to be closer to nature is increasingly becoming a rarity in cities such as Bangalore. Thus, we have made a conscious effort to bring you as close to nature as possible with wide open spaces and plenty of greenery.
  • Luxury & Comfort: Urban homes are meant to bring you amenities & comforts to make life easy and hassle free. And Alembic Urban Forest packs a whole host of features that not only make your life comfortable but also adds luxury, finesse & elegance to your everyday lives.
  • Balance & Symphony: Oftentimes it is implied that either you are close to nature or you are closer to comforts. At Alembic Urban Forest, it has been a conscious effort by our design team to dispel this myth. Our homes give you the perfect symphony & balance between staying close to nature & staying in comfort at the same time.
Every single aspect of Alembic Urban Forest is an effort to take you away from the concrete jungle and bring you closer to the home you've always wished for! It is our effort that your home not just reflects your personality but also inspires you each day to conquer new horizons; it gives you the space to be ensconced in privacy while keeping you the company of nature.

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