Forest living and the travel bug!

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Forest living and the travel bug!

Urban dwellers can often get caught in the milieu of daily life that ever so often they'd like to break-free and step out of city. Life betwixt work, and home can get so monotonous, claustrophobic and stressful that a weekend getaway is the only way to break the routine, recharge your batteries and come back feeling fresh & refreshed. It is not just the physical strain that can take a toll but also the mental fatigue of traffic, work, and endless errands leave you drained and devoid of any strength.

Thus, it is amply clear that hectic weekdays and long nights is a ubiquitous feature of urban living. And thus, the desire to escape over the weekend to a place far away from the city's hustle & noise is also quite common. However, one of the challenges is to be able to find and have access to popular weekend getaways from your place of dwelling.

And the perfect antidote to this conundrum is to live in an Urban Forest, specifically speaking - Alembic Urban Forest. The property not only provides natural serene surroundings that in itself offer a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city dwelling but are also perfectly well located to help you escape into the myriad weekend getaways that surround the city of Bengaluru. From Urban Forest you are never too far from a time of peace, tranquillity and relaxation.

Here are five of the best weekend spots from Bangalore that are sure to give you rest & rejuvenation:

1. Coorg - the Scotland of the East

  • Driving Time - 6 Hours
  • Distance - 300 Kms
  • USP - Exquisite natural beauty and local cuisine

2. Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary - Get into the Wild

  • Driving Time - 5 Hours
  • Distance - 250 Kms
  • USP - Breathtaking landscapes & wildlife wonders

3. Cauvery Adventure Camp - For the Thrill Seekers

  • Driving Time - 6 Hours
  • Distance - 270 Kms
  • USP - Trekking, nature camping and wildlife spotting

4. Barapole River Rafting - Heart-thumping Adventure

  • Driving Time - 6 Hours
  • Distance - 280 Kms
  • USP - An exciting destination for river rafting

5. Wonderla, Ramagara - Weekend fun for Family

  • Driving Time - 2 Hours
  • Distance - 60 Kms
  • USP - Finest amusement & adventure destination

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