Keeping Fit

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Keeping Fit

The various indoor and outdoor amenities at Alembic properties that will keep you healthy

2020 is already here and fitness is on everyone’s list of new year resolutions. When it comes to being fit and living a great life, Alembic Real Estate has been a pioneer in envisioning projects that offer its residents the best lifestyle and modern luxuries.

At Alembic we pride ourselves in creating spaces that address the growing needs of the urban population. Whether it is a much needed green cover or a state of the art gym or multiple outdoor activities and sports. Here is a look at the gorgeous amenities that are a signature of any Alembic property.

1.Sports facilities:

Whether it is Urban Forest, Samsara or the newest project, Veda 2, Alembic properties are replete with a range of sports features such as a fully equipped gym, squash court and multipurpose courts that support basketball, volleyball or badminton. These features keep the residents active and healthy. Whether it is a friendly game of Table tennis or basketball, community members engage with each other and thus aid in creating a beautiful project complete with healthy and happy individuals.

2. Banquet Hall

Family gatherings and birthday parties are a signature of all Indian households. Ample care needs to be provided to include a wholesome space to accommodate family and friends. The clubhouse becomes the centre for all the fun. Being healthy isn’t just about working out and hitting the gym but about being around people who bring you joy.


When we design a community space, utmost care is taken to create a state of the art clubhouse that typically comes with a modern gym. The gyms are state of the art and truly high-tech with separate areas for cardio and weight training. In most projects, there is also a space for aerobics sessions and a whole lot more.

4. Pools:

Apart from being a great way to cool off, swimming also helps improve lung and heart health. It is an excellent form of cardio that also helps shed extra pounds in the healthiest way! By creating swimming pools and splash pools we encourage residents to take up a new sport and engage in a healthy workout.

4. Children’s play area:

The youngest members of the communities also need equal attention. At Alembic, with specially chosen equipment that caters to a child’s activities and health, we focus on the young members as well. There are ample open spaces for kids to run around in. By including a dedicated space for children we are offering them an opportunity to create a memorable childhood that’s active and full of enthusiasm with friends while also being safe.

5. Outdoor fitness areas:

Walking and jogging paths, therapeutic gardens, yoga space are important in ensuring that residents have access to outdoor spaces to workout. The fresh air and clean environs make it a very happy space for fitness enthusiasts.

6. Jogging/Cycling tracks:

Cycling alone can help build stamina, fitness and endurance. It’s a great low cardiovascular workout which everyone should add to their daily workout. Likewise, a 15-30 minute jog every day is good for heart health. All of Alembic’s properties come with either/both a jogging track and cycling track.

7. Landscaped garden:

Apart from providing great views, a garden and landscaped area are both a great way to grab some fresh air. A stroll in the garden is another low-cardio activity that also gives residents fresh air with every breath. Alembic properties are surrounded by lush greens making landscapes and gardens for its residents to walk through.

8. Spas, Saunas and more:

While working out is an excellent way to burn some calories, a spa and sauna on the property ensure that you are relaxed. A sauna can help in flushing out toxins, clear the skin of pollutants and improve heart health. By including thoughtful amenities like a spa and sauna, residents sign up for a wholesome lifestyle all year round.

If you’re on the lookout for a great home, apart from location, the one thing you must look for when choosing a home, choose a place that encourages you to remain active – a home that has everything you need to keep you moving. Alembic properties have been striving to help improve the lifestyles of its customers since its inception. The brand is constantly working on ways to incorporate health as a central feature for all the homes.

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