Tips to cheer you up at home during lockdown

Tips to cheer you up at home during lockdown

During this lockdown most people are at home. Social distancing is being encouraged to control the corona virus infection. Many people are feeling its impact being locked up at home and only going out to get the necessities. People are struggling to make the transition as most of them are being encouraged to work from home. Social distancing and isolation can be challenging on everyone's mental health. However, it is the only pre-emptive measure to keep the virus from spreading.

There are a lot of strategies that everyone can employ to ensure well-being and mental health. Most of these involve finding ways to keep you distracted or entertained. Feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness and a feeling of boredom are always threatening to grip us at any moment. Being proactive about your mental health and indulging in productive activities can help reduce the negative feelings.

While it is only natural to feel like one is losing sight of what ‘normal’ is, but try to not give into these thoughts. Staying positive and trying to make the most of it is the only way to help each other.

Some of the things that can be done at home to cheer up are:

1. Switching up morning routine

It can start with exercising and then having a healthy breakfast. It helps stay energized and active throughout the day. Start with setting goals for the day. Walking at home, doing yoga and balcony garden is also a positive way to start the day! Stay positive should be your mantra!

2. Learn something new

It can be dancing, pottery, trying painting or cooking a particular meal. It helps cheering up and gives a feeling of accomplishment. Most of online tutorials are easily accessible. The idea isn’t to get good or become a professional but stay occupied.

3. Play board games and design your own

Games like scrabble, monopoly and puzzles can also improve cognitive abilities and learning skills. Playing board games with the family will feel refreshed & encourage bonding with kids.

4. Have a movie night

Movies are a great way to unwind and relax. Picking films that the entire family loves is a good way to spend the evening. Google Chrome extension ‘Netflix Party’ allows one to sync netflix accounts so that everyone can join movie night even when they are away.

5. Get creative with art and craft

This is a truly great time to try DIY projects. Try to make new things and make an upgrade in house decor. There are several websites you can use for inspiration. One can even take up long overdue cleaning of closets, the kitchen and those lofts that hardly ever get any attention.

There are a lot of things that can be done in house to make this lockdown productive. This is an opportunity to reflect on self and spend time with family. Alembic salutes the spirit of the nation that has come together to combat this crisis.

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