Top 5 Ways To Reuse Rainwater In Your House

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Top 5 Ways To Reuse Rainwater In Your House

The season of rains and thunders have arrived and some of them are ecstatic to curl up into a corner of their house and the rest are fretting about the stickiness and dampness it ought to bring along with it; either way, the monsoons are here to stay! The average recorded rainfall received in Bangalore is about 859 mm which is spread over the months of June until September. So, imagine how much rainwater that is!

Have you realized that the majority of this rainwater gets wasted each year or is simply absorbed into the soil? What if it didn’t have to go to waste; if we could repurpose the fresh water directly at the source and store it for future use? There are some noble souls who are already utilizing this resource tactfully, however, more people need to be aware of the various ways to store and use rainwater. Here are some easy yet effective ways of channelling natural water and utilizing them for daily use:

1. To the pots

What better way to water your plants than using natural, free, chemical-free rainwater? Place some vessels, buckets or bowls to store in the rainwater coming into your terrace or balcony and reuse them to water your plants. It is sure to naturally boost the health of the foliage.

2. Car wash

Do you know how much water is wasted to wash one average sized car? About 26 litres of water is used. Sounds unreal, isn’t it? You can store at least one bucket of rainwater to replace one of tap water to wipe your car clean. It’s simple, effective and cost-efficient.

3. Sanitizing sanitaryware

Toilet tiles and granite slabs usually have tough stains that are a torment to clean. Untreated and clean rainwater can be used to clean your toilet floor with greater ease. It can save a lot of tap water and get the job done at the same time.

4. Flush away

You can keep aside a bucket of rainwater in your washrooms and use this water to flush the toilet when required. You can Instruct your children to do the same. Flushes use up a lot of water, through this, your household toilet water usage can be reduced to a great extent.

5. Get Mopped

Rainwater can be easily collected and used to mop the floors. Add a few natural disinfectants such as white vinegar or lemon juice to the water to get a homemade floor cleaner. This can be an easy, natural and effective way to mop your home to cleanliness.

These are some easy yet highly-effective ways to reuse rainwater. Try them, preach them and educate others about the alarming rate at which the groundwater levels of Bangalore are depleting. Discuss why it is imperative that we must all take steps to conserve water and help replenish the groundwater levels in order to lead a healthier and sustainable life ahead.

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