Ways to rejuvenate your health during summer

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Ways to rejuvenate your health during summer

The summer sun is already shining through and the heat is encircling everyone. Different people choose varied ways to deal with the season of summer- each more refreshing than the other. Children rejoice the season as they get to enjoy pre-planned summer vacations yet, most adults find themselves toiling away at their day jobs- but the summer takes a toll on all without discrimination. What makes summer slightly more delightful to these stressed adults is highly hinged on how they utilize this time to blow off some steam.

With lives getting choked up with deadlines and deliverables, many residing in standard residential complexes find solace in the comfort of their air-conditioned homes. But, what if, they could do more than just reaching home and lying down on the bed to cool off? If you’d made the right choice while buying your house, you would have definitely considered all the amenities and facilities available in or around the project before finalising the project.

Amenities such as swimming pool, landscaped gardens, water features are all a part of the offering, however, you can truly unwind and relax within your gated apartment conveniently when it’s nestled amidst several acres of fresh greenery.

Amongst a wide array of activities you can partake during summer to keep yourself fresh and active, the following may help when you live in a haven cradled in a peaceful premise:

A dip in the cool blue pool

A lot of calm can be found below the surface and you can experience it when you take a dip in the freshly pumped pool after a long day at work. In fact, starting your day early with a quick swim will keep you more energized than a regular cuppa!

Grow your veggies

The benefit of being encompassed with an abundance of trees is that it makes for a perfect environment to grow fresh vegetables. At Urban forest, you can spend your time with nature and enjoy growing your produce as there’s plenty of fresh air and lighting to aid it. Tomatoes, berries or greens- you can grow all your summer vegetables at the organic garden within the project.

Sweat it

Compromising your health is not the best decision during the summers, though it might seem convenient. It is best that you continue your workout and sweat out the excess toxins from your body at the open gymnasium.

Breathe it out

Another fantastic way to keep up with the rising celsius is to meditate or do yoga. A simple run on the therapeutic pathway or a comfortably seated meditation session in the intimate garden; helps enhance your concentration and reduces stress.

Challenge your mind

If heading out in the sun or outdoorsy activities isn’t your cup of tea then definitely consider teaming up with your apartment members to share a game of chess or so at the convenience of the indoor games room.

Tracking the morning sun

Be it summer or spring, nothing beats watching the sunrise and the golden rays intertwining the branches of the trees and lighting up the dewy grass lawns. Waking up early to catch this instance can help you feel fresh and ready for the day.

Summer party

There’s no better cure to tackle a hot sunny day than to load up a pitcher of lemonade or cold lassi and arranging a Sunday brunch at the open barbecue area with your friends and family.

Nature Calling

Another way to indulge and interact with your family on a beautiful Saturday morning would be to cycle through the cycling tracks and enjoy bird watching. The cold wind gushing through your hair and birds’ chirping around you is a blissful morning to wake up to.

So many possibilities lie within the safe haven named Urban Forest where there’s an assortment of facilities and amenities to keep you rejuvenated and recharged through the rising temperature. You just need to look in the right direction to realize that everything you need to perfect your summer noons and make your children’s vacation a delight is at your disposal!

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