Whitefield, the area reigning the real estate

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Whitefield, the area reigning the real estate

Every area in Bangalore has something to offer. Each area has an assortment of merits to showcase to every plausible home seeker. Whitefield is situated right at the heart of Bangalore’s IT precinct. The stability in the influx of investments flooding the area has helped it establish itself as one of Bangalore’s most rapidly expanding areas. Some of the biggest names in the IT sector such as ITPL, Salarpuria GR, Sigma Soft Tech and more are spread around this area. World’s leading corporations like IBM, SAP Labs, Mphasis have started their offices in Whitefield, leading to numerable avenues for jobs. In fact, Whitefield and Bangalore have proven to be areas with the highest number of expats residing in India. Through such remarkable aspects, Whitefield has managed to become a cosmopolitan locality and proved to be an investor’s paradise!

Scope of real estate

The area is particularly convenient for those who work in and around the vicinity. Significant demand for housing complexes, townships and apartments have been observed in recent times which indicate the rise in homebuyer’s requirements particularly in this region. This has led to a number of real estate developers constructing and developing properties within the area to seek after the requirements of home seekers. Another aspect that drives more people to this area is that the property prices are still tentatively lower at this point. They are likely to skyrocket eventually once its neighbouring infrastructure is fully completed. This implies that an investment made now is sure to bring you great returns in the forthcoming years

Easy accessibility

The rate at which Whitefield’s infrastructure is flourishing is simply commendable. Although it is shadowed by the term “suburban”, the locality renders more connectivity than you may have bargained for, thus proving the term null quite often. The two most significant arterial roads are the Whitefield Road from Krishnarajapuram and Whitefield Main Road from Varthur. It also has its own railway station that renders transportation to major key areas of the city. However, the most awaited announcement that caught the attention of home seekers in this area is the launch of Phase 2 of the Namma Metro project. Commute is set to take less than a fraction of the time that it used to before its existence! This location is also highly coveted due to its availability of various public venues such as restaurants, school, hospitals and malls.

Great social infrastructure What makes Whitefield all the more valuable is the quality of life it offers to its residents. The rapidity at which the social infrastructure has grown within the area makes it ideal for people moving in belonging to all ages. Whitefield offers you the best of hospitals, maternity clinics where you can avail state-of-the-art medical services. It’s also home to several renowned schools within accessible distance making it much safer for children to travel on a regular basis. Recreational venues such as malls and supermarkets are in abundance to provide you with every leisurely service of your choice.

Increase in ROI

Looking at Whitefield from an investor’s point of view, one could be assured that you money is heading on the right path! It’s regarded as one of the most promising localities within Bangalore for real estate investments. Irrespective of the term you are looking for, be it long or short, you can expect steady returns from this golden area. In fact, this can be a great area to invest in if you wish to rent it out as well. With the constant expansion of the IT sector, finding a tenant around Whitefield is becoming exceedingly easy at this point in time.

Whitefield also stands as a lucrative investment choice even if you are looking for a long term plan as the region is developing each day.

Hence, it is fair to say that Whitefield as an area has every element one needs to have around before settling down. To find your haven in this incredible area, you must consider Alembic Urban Forest.

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