Why Alembic homes are perfect for nature lovers?

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Why Alembic homes are perfect for nature lovers?

Alembic Real Estate has been known for the diligence and dedication towards creating beautiful, sustainable architectural creations for over decades. Our extensive measures and processes help us extend our services go beyond the standard expectations of our clients. As a part of being noted amongst leading real estate developers in India, Alembic Group strives to create a balance between ultra-modern facilities without compromising on one’s convenience and comfort. The real estate projects led by the group are primarily built on principles that mirror our company’s pivotal vision- building safe and sustainable living spaces.

What sets apart the various projects by Alembic is the overall approach each establishment has and the way it serves its residents. All the real estate properties constructed by us are built under compliance of all the standard rules and regulations, assuring residents the security they desire from a reputable brand such as ours. Apart from which, Alembic Group’s initiative to weave in nature within the capacity of architecture has proven to be a major aspect of appreciation from our clients. Projects such as the Urban Forest, located in Whitefield, Bangalore is denoted as one of the most premium properties within that region. An element that stands apart about this project is that the community has over 3000+ trees planted inside it. An initiative taken by us to bring people closer to nature while residing in a city. This also allows residents to experience being away from the cacophony of the outside noises while being nestled inside a cocoon of pleasant sight and sounds. The objective of creating a world of peace in a prime location is to render our residents with a lifestyle that is unmatched in every sense. Our aim is to encourage and promote more number of people to indulge in the natural or sustainable way of living without having to let go of any luxury that they cherish.

These luxurious homes are not just wonderful owing to their pristine surroundings but there are a plethora of things that make them as coveted as they are. With three-side open 2 and 3 BHK apartments with balconies in every room in the offering, Urban Forest stands tall in every promise it makes. The spacious balconies are every gardener’s delight! One of the most important and key factors why it’s perfect for nature lovers is the dynamics of every apartment. Each room is highly ventilated and receives abundant sunshine, air and light from natural sources. The gated community comes with an outdoor gymnasium amidst a tree plaza alongside landscaped garden, jogging tracks, shallow water features and many more to tie in a sense of freshness in the apartment campus. These amenities aid in the healthy lifestyle of anyone who associates with the project.

When residents choose Urban Forest, they choose freedom! Life at the Urban Forest offers you the tranquillity of being amidst nature and makes for the perfect place to reside for those who believe nature is an extension of themselves. Spotting a bird resting in your balcony might become a usual sight for some. With a community that is surrounded by over 3000 trees, it ought to attract more birds and small creatures such as squirrels towards them!

The environment within the project is a perfect example of what our future generation must indulge in- open areas, plants and fresh air. At Urban Forest, you are ensuring your children a life that’s not smothered with all things artificial and mechanical; instead, it’s serried with pleasant surroundings and clean air. Spotting different types of birds and insects are a delightful offering at the project. So, spending your weekends with your family reconnecting with one another is simpler especially when cradled by lush greenery.

Leading a luxurious yet organic life is further accentuated by the initiatives of the Urban forest with provisions made for organic gardening in the apartments. Strolling barefoot on the grass or taking a short run amidst the capacious forest is all made possible for the nature lover in you.

It is also perfect for those who believe in conservation and eco-friendly living as Urban Forest has a rainwater harvesting facility.

Alembic Real Estate aims to build relationships that are as sustainable as the buildings we make. Every attempt is made to make sure that this belief is translated into the services and products offered by us. The projects both in Vadodara and Urban Forest are designed to perfection and infused with the luxury of nature and tranquillity; this is why Alembic homes are great for nature lovers!

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